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Riri Starseed

We invite you to come and PLAY again! ISA means Inner Source Abundance because everything is already found within, plus Earth is able to provide all.

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Evenementen van Riri Starseed

Saturday, 20 Jul. om 18:00
Elevate your frequency and step in a hot air balloon with me
Riri Starseed
Inwijdingen Mini retraite in de natuur Energiewerk
Saturday, 03 Aug. om 10:00
Can you hold your frequency? Efteling edition
Riri Starseed
Rites of Passage Familieopstellingen Persoonlijk Leiderschap
Tuesday, 20 Aug. om 16:00
New Earth well-zijn retreat
Riri Starseed
Meerdaagse retraites Vakantie Gatherings
Saturday, 07 Sep. om 10:00
New Earth Frequenties ~ 6 maanden innerlijke reis
Riri Starseed
Reiki Bewustzijnsontwikkeling Multidimensionaliteit
Saturday, 05 Oct. om 10:00
New Earth Frequencies ~ Cycle of attunement
Riri Starseed
Reiki Bewustzijnsontwikkeling Multidimensionaliteit
“Pleasure. Love. Awareness.”

Over de organisatie

The C..E.O. Gamemakers stands for CONSCIOUS EGO OWNERSHIP and is created by Riri Starseed & PLAYana.
Together they create magical and safe spaces to flip the coin within your consciousness and frequency.

The C.E.O. Gamemakers is our brand that stands for cutting cords with everything that no longer serves us.
The energy between Riri & PLAYana is ground breaking and mirroring. So every ingredient to help others grow within their path of consciousness.

Together we organise:
- pleasure dances: tantric dance meets estatic dance and ritual play
- pleasure palaces: our version of a tantric temple
- playcations: our abroad invitation
- the master game: a 3 month program where we will theach you our FLIP THE COIN method.

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Riri Starseed

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